Tactile Feedback for One-Time Deformable Electronic Systems

Problem Definition:

A recent development is the technology to permanently deform a flat circuit into any 2.5D shape. This has several advantages from a manufacturing point of view as complicated mechanical constructions can be avoided. Another trend in consumer electronics is the capacitive touch sensor; which is cheap, reliable, and versatile. These sensors come with a major drawback as replacement for physical buttons: the user receives no tactile feedback. Several haptic feedback techniques (e.g. piezoelectric, electrostatic, ultrasonic …) have been developed over the past decade to solve this problem. The goal of this master thesis is to implement haptic feedback in a one-time deformable electronic system.

Thermoformed Electronics
Figure 1: One-time deformable electronic substrate (CMST)


The student is expected to accomplish the following tasks during the thesis:
  • Literature study and comparison of existing haptic feedback systems.
  • Modify haptic feedback technology for implementation in deformable electronic systems.
  • Determine the best way to implement this together with a capacitive sensor circuit.
  • Design a demonstrator for a haptic feedback system on a 2.5D shape.


haptic, tactile, feedback, touch, deformable electronics


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