Future of LCD: Flexible Blue Phase Liquid Crystal Display

As the competition for faster and better display intensifies, we foresee a merger two emerging trends in the display industry. Blue phase liquid crystals (BPLC) are the forerunner in the race for best material for liquid crystals displays and there is a trend towards flexible displays. We foresee a merger of the aforementioned two trends culminating in - “A flexible Blue Phase Liquid Crystal Display”. BPLC are proving to be a superior liquid crystals phase, bringing along much desired qualities of fast response time while simplifying the fabrication procedure as well. Samsung demonstrated a display with BPLC in 2007 capable of operating at a refresh rate of ~240Hz Fig. 1. 

Fig. 1. The display demonstrated by Samsung in 2008 at SID conference in Los Angeles

In the purview of this thesis, the student will explore the possibility of fabricating a flexible liquid crystal cell encapsulating the PSBP. At CMST we have the technology to fabricate such flexible cells and also prepare polymer stabilized blue phase, apart from various other allied technological capabilities required to fabricate and characterize such a display. The following are the unexplored territory:    

·         Behavior of BPLC between flexible substrates

·         Change in electro-optic properties of BPLC under stress

·         Use of conducting polymers for flexible LC cell

Successful study is expected to result in journal publication

Flexible display, Blue phase liquid crystals, conducting polymers, flexible electronics etc.


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