This is a brief guide explaining how to insert a thesis subject.
  • First, make sure you have the required rights to work on the Cmst thesis microsite. If not, ask me (Herbert) to add you as a collaborator. I will need your Google account name.
  • Surf to (if it works) or
  • Click "sign in " at the bottom of the page.
  • Navigate the the page 'Subjects for 2015-2016'
  • Create a new page by clicking the "+" folder icon on the top right.
  • Use the provided template:  "thesis subjects (EN)" for a thesis topic for an English taught master and "thesis subjects (NL)" for a thesis topic for a Dutch taught master.
  • Place the page under "Subjects for 2015-2016".
  • Choose a brief but meaningful title.
  • Once in the page editor, insert the required data. You can add attachments such as pictures and pdf files. Please keep the size (in bytes) of the attachments small. Resize the pictures to a reasonable size before uploading them. We only have 100 MB quota for the whole site and more than 50% is already used up at the time I write this. If you have large attachments, please put them in your own webspace, e.g. at Ask help if you don't know how to put something there.
  • Once your page is finished, press the Save button (top right). You can still edit it later.
  • Then, check in the table on page "Subjects for 2015-2016" if your subject is already mentioned. If not, insert a line in the table (Command "Table" above the toolbar) at the correct position. Put your subject in the correct position, based on the Plato number (left column). To check the Plato number, log into plato and look under "Mijn masterproeven". Also mention the promoters and the supervisors in the corresponding columns.
  • Link the title of your subject in the table "Subjects for ..." to the new document you just made.
  • Add links from the promoters and supervisors to their page on the Cmst website.
  • Click Save.
  • In Plato, make sure to add a link to in your thesis description.
  • You're done. Thanks for your cooperation.