Stretchable electrolumnescent lighting pad

Stretchable Electroluminescent lighting


Supervisor : Fabrice Axisa

Target students : electrotechnics-photonics

Academic year : 2010-2011

Number of students :1


Key words: Electroluminescence, stretchable electronic, conductive polymer


Abstract :

Realization of a low profilestretchable electroluminescent to create a very flexible light emitting pad. The technologies used are based on printing electroluminescent polymer, transparent conductive polymer, stretchable electronic.


Problem definition:

In cooperation with the Spanish institute CETEMMSA (Barcelona), the goal of this master thesis is to develop a stretchable electroluminescent lighting pad. Its application is home design, car design, phototherapy, wireless light pad. As the technologies for flexible display are getting more and more available (Plastic Logic, e-ink…), an emerging technology is now available to develop stretchable electronic and stretchable system.


Objectives :

In this master thesis, we propose to develop a stretchable electroluminescent lighting pad. The concept of this system is the activation of an elastic electroluminescent layer (developed by our partner CETEMSSA) between two electrodes, copper electrodes or plastic foil covered with transparent conductive polymer (Pedot). The first step is to create a single pixel, and then to create a 4x4 or a 8x8 matrix. The driver is not the purpose of this work.